Dr. Randolph Speaks to the Vibrant Legacy of Dr. John Lee

Question for Dr. Randolph

I have been an avid follower and supporter of Dr. John Lee. I was having a physical with a local nurse practitioner, my first visit with her, and I brought up Dr. Lee by asking if she was familiar with him, his protocol, etc. Her response was glib and curt—she simply said, “Oh, we are way beyond Dr. Lee—he’s passé now.” She did not seem the least bit interested in pursuing a discussion regarding Dr. Lee, so I dropped it. My question is:  Are you hearing this from other health care providers? And why do you personally feel that she said this? Dr. Lee was so ahead of his time, and too bad that we still don’t have him around to champion his cutting-edge philosophy.

Dr. Randolph Responds

It saddens me to hear that a knowledgeable medical professional would undervalue the seminal role Dr. John Lee has played, and continues to play, in our now burgeoning field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies (BHRT). Today, celebrity voices including Oprah and Robin McGraw have helped increase the healthcare consumer’s (our patients’) awareness of BHRT as a safe and effective alternative to synthetic HRT. In fact, they have fostered somewhat of a grassroots revolution when it comes to options for hormone health. As more and more women clamor for this choice, traditional physicians across the country are re-thinking their previous resistant stance. My personal experience has been that—when I encounter a skeptical physician—Dr. Lee’s books, continue to be the most potent in presenting the fundamental medical science supporting bioidentical hormone replacement. Today, more than ever, Dr. Lee’s work continues to open eyes and—in doing so—change how hormone imbalances are treated. In other words, Dr. Lee continues to protect the health and wellbeing of the lives of feasibly millions of women.  Passe or vibrant legacy? I vote for the latter.

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