5 Reasons to Avoid Diet Soda

diet_soda_alternativeIt’s all over the news—diet soda increases stroke risk according to a study shared at an American Stroke Association meeting. But wait! The media is scrambling to assure everyone that it was a poorly done study and shouldn’t change people’s soda consumption. But the media is beholden to its advertisers, including those that sell diet soda. What’s the truth?

There are numerous reasons to stay away from diet soda, aside from the fact that it has never been shown to contribute to weight loss.

1) Aspartame (Nutrasweet) is an excitotoxin, which is a brain toxin (see work by Dr. Russell Blaylock for more info).

2) Both phosphoric acid and caffeine have been shown to interfere with calcium absorption,  which can increase the risk of osteoporosis.

3) The intense sweet taste of aspartame on the  tongue signals the pancreas to produce insulin. Excess insulin weakens blood vessels, so it does make sense that diet soda would  increase the risk of stroke. (These studies only show up prior to FDA approval of aspartame.)

4) Excess caffeine eventually taps out the  adrenal glands, leading to fatigue and hormone imbalances.

5) Phosphoric acid also destroys tooth enamel, leading to decay.

Diet Soda Alternatives

Try some fizzy water with a small amount of your favorite fruit juice added—just enough to add some flavor. Or experiment with some of the flavorful herbal teas such as mint, ginger or chamomile. Put a low-cost filter at your kitchen sink and try drinking water that doesn’t taste like chlorine—it’s a wonderful beverage!

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