Give where it helps

holiday-givingThe holiday season is a time when millions of Americans make tax-deductible donations to non-profit organizations, but for many the question is, who to help? We all want to give where it helps most. In that spirit, here is a short list of suggestions for groups that are truly creating a better world.

ewg-tmbEnvironmental Working Group (EWG)
EWG gets more done in a year than most non-profits do in a decade. They lobby in Washington D.C. for you and me, for a clean environment and toxin-free products, and actually create real change. They have created the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, an invaluable resource for finding toxin-free personal care products and researching mystery ingredients to find out if they’re harmful. The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticide-Free Produce can be downloaded and there’s an app for that so you can check it while you’re shopping. The good works just keep coming from EWG.If you donate before the end of the year you’ll receive a free Chico mesh produce bag, and a generous donor will match your gift!

pan-tmbPesticide Action Network (PAN)
The PAN is another non-profit that does more than pay lip service to its mission; it gets in there and fights Monsanto, Dow and others who are polluting the earth and poisoning us with pesticides. Their mission: “Pesticide Action Network promotes healthy communities and a safe, fair and clean food system. We combine grassroots science with public will campaigns to replace highly hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound, socially just solutions.” They are on the ground and in action around the world.
food-water-watchFood & Water Watch
This group is particularly active at the local, state, national and even global level to keep our water safe, clean and accessible. They’ll tackle a corporate polluter at the local level, and work with Senators to get clean water legislation passed. Their Take Back the Tap Guide to Safe Tap Water is a good guide to clean water in your home. If you donate before the end of the year you’ll receive their eco-friendly gift bag.

Add Your Suggestions!
If you have a favorite non-profit group that is truly helping make the world a better place, share it in Comments (below) or visit Virginia Hopkins Health Watch on Facebook and add it there.

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