List of possible causes of our health problems

… around which entire commercial industries have been built…

Mold and fungus
Nutritional deficiencies and excesses
Amino acid imbalances
Hormone imbalances
Poor diet
Lack of exercise
Poor sleep
Too much sun
Not enough sun
Not enough germs
Damaged immune system
Depleted adrenals
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Poor digestion
Genetic glitches
Prescription drugs
Bad dental care
Bad surgery
Misaligned skeleton, muscles etc
Past trauma – physical, mental, emotional
Past lives
Misaligned stars
Bad numbers
Bad water
Depleted soil
Environmental toxins
Fake fragrances
Cleaning products
Bad indoor air
Car exhaust
Cigarette smoke
Body care products
Industrial runoff

Obsessing about all the things that could be causing our health problems.

What have I left out? Use the comments section below to add to the list.



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6 Responses to "List of possible causes of our health problems"

  1. Krista Edmonds   September 9, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    All of the above, plus interactions amongst them….

  2. Janet Nagel   September 13, 2012 at 1:47 am

    Fluoride. More toxic than lead. As ubiquitous as plastic because generally low levels of fluoride in water are upped with the addition of fluoride waste from phosphate fertilizer production in 75% of the U.S. water supply. Thus significant concentrations of fluoride are found in nearly all foods and beverages commercially processed with water, as well as foods and beverages prepared with tap water at home. Also in wine due to fluoride pesticide used on grapes and naturally occurring in the tea plant. Then there is nonstick cookware and all the fluoridated dental products.

    Fluorine is most reactive of all the elements and occurs naturally only in compound with other elements, which is why it’s commonly referred to as fluoride. (Hydrogen fluoride, silicofluoride , calcium fluoride, sodium fluoride, etc.) Fluorine enters the body through skin and mucus membranes and by inhalation of air or water vapor, as well as by ingestion.

    As you know, Virginia, John Lee’s criticism of fluoridation was adamant and compelling. In 1995 he wrote:

    “A common perception is that fluoridation has been proven to reduce caries rates in children, is without harmful risk, and is cost effective. The many who have not studied the fluoridation problem in depth are often unaware that the pro-fluoridation argument contains a heavy mix of political and economical pressures which seriously distort the scientific validity of these claims. Having extensively researched this subject for the past 25 years, I offer the following facts:

    No study in the past three decades has demonstrated any significant dental benefit from fluoridation . . . .
    The observed decline in children’s caries rates is unrelated to their fluoridation status. That is, the same decline found in fluoridated communities is also found in unfluoridated ones. The causes of this decline may be dietary, improved dental hygiene, acquired immunological resistance to the dental plaque bacteria (Strep mutans), and other factors.
    There has been no study that shows any cost-saving by fluoridation. This claim has been researched by a Rand corporation study and found to be “simply not warranted by available evidence.”
    The Public Health Service (PHS) confirms that dental fluorosis occurs in 30% to 60% of children in fluoridated communities and in 10% of those in unfluoridated communities, indicating excessive intake of fluoride from dietary, toothpaste and other sources . . . .
    National Toxicology Program rodent studies, official human disease surveillance data, and a study by the New Jersey public health department have all confirmed that bone cancer (osteosarcoma) is correlated with fluoride intake, especially among young males. There is no study that refutes this association.
    The National Research Council (NRC) confirmed that seven of nine fracture/fluoride studies found hip fractures directly correlated with fluoridation exposure. . . .
    The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and all other U.S. health agencies no longer regard fluoride as an essential nutrient. It is an extremely potent enzyme inhibitor with a toxicity rating greater than lead and just a bit less toxic than arsenic. . . .

    “The goal of our public water facilities should be to provide water that is as pure and safe as possible and not as a vehicle for universal pharmacologic treatments regardless of age, the health status of the individual, or the presumed benefit, which, in the case of fluoride, is highly questionable, to say the least.” John R. Lee, MD 1995

    Much more evidence of the negative health impacts of fluoride has come to light since John wrote this, including neurological and hormonal impacts. John was part of the international group of professionals that formed Fluoride Action Network which sponsors the most comprehensive and accurate online source of information about fluoride and fluoridation.

  3. CatVT   September 13, 2012 at 6:34 am

    gluten sensitivity

  4. Virginia Hopkins   September 13, 2012 at 7:37 am

    Too true. Fluoride would fall under “bad water,” but considering how many people it’s poisoning on a daily basis it deserves special mention.

  5. Bill   September 14, 2012 at 6:18 am

    The basic belief that MD = God.
    The willingness to turn your health over to someone else and “blindly” allow pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms while the cause continues to peculate in the background. Over 60,000 people a year die from doctor’s mistakes.
    The only time people in general get excited about their health is when the problem interferes with their lifestyle or they are given a death notice.
    Get involved. Remember, you have hired your doctor to work for you. He is your employee. If you are not getting results, fire him.

  6. Sharon Intilli   October 17, 2012 at 5:51 pm

    GMOs (genetically modified organisms), which are unlabled, are another insidious cause of health problems. Most non-organic soy and corn is GMO here in the states. They are banned (or labeled) in Europe. Now the USDA has allowed alfalfa (which is fed to cows) to be GMO also. This is a real threat to Nature as well as to our natural health. More people need to become aware and speak out to their representatives that they do not want genetically modified seeds to grow their food! Michael Taylor, who is now in the FDA, was instrumental in bringing to market the growth hormone in milk that eventually was discontinued due to public pressure. Both he and USDA’s Tom Vilsak are former Monsanto executives, and Monsanto is of course one of the most apparent proponents of GMOs (GMOs are NOT the same as selective breeding of plants, which is fine. Genetically modified is the introduction of something that is not natural to a species, like putting an animal gene into a tomato to extend shelf life or appearance, for example. Tests in France on GMOs have prompted them to discontinue any kind of support for them! Tests done by corporations supporting GMOs are NOT science based!) I would not be surprised to learn that many allergies are being caused by these unknown and unnatural irritants to the human genetic structure.