How Can a Woman Lower Testosterone?


lowertestosteroneWomen Can Lower Testosterone Levels Naturally with the Right Dietary Choices

Q: I did a blood spot hormone profile and my testosterone came out high. I’m in my mid-30s and have ovarian cysts and pimples on my face. My doctor tells me this is because of the high testosterone, but he can’t tell me how to lower it. Do you have any suggestions?

A: It's fairly simple, but not necessarily easy, for most women to lower their testosterone. All they have to do is eat a lot less sugar and refined carbohydrates!

The reason this works is that excess sugar and refined carbs cause high blood sugar, which in turn causes high insulin, which stimulates the ovaries to make androgens (male hormones). Get the blood sugar and insulin under control and testosterone generally goes down. Adding moderate exercise will help even more. Artificial sweeteners do not work because the sweet taste seems to stimulate insulin production.

While excess testosterone in women can cause ovarian cysts, acne, unwanted hair on the face, hair loss on the head, and “testiness,” low testosterone can cause low libido, low energy, slow metabolism, difficulty in building muscle, and bone loss. Balance is best!

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