Progesterone Cream and Pregnancy


What is the Best Progesterone to Use when Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant?

Q: Hi. I love your site. I want to start taking progesterone cream, as I get pregnant but have trouble staying that way. What is your favorite cream? Do you sell it? How can I get whatever is your favorite? Thanks!

A: Glad you love the site! My goal is to make the information easy to access, understand and put into practice.

I don't sell progesterone cream and don't have a favorite. Dr. Lee and I decided early on in our collaboration with the books, newsletter and website that we would not sell progesterone cream or endorse any one cream because it would “contaminate” the message. In other words, if we sold progesterone cream it could be implied that everything we said was an attempt to sell progesterone cream rather than to educate women and health care professionals about how to use bioidentical hormones safely and effectively. Since Dr. Lee’s death and the creation of my own website, I have continued to make the choice not to sell or endorse any one progesterone cream.

Dr. Lee recommended that women who use progesterone cream while trying to get pregnant look for a cream with the fewest possible chemical ingredients and no herbs or other hormones. If you check my List of Progesterone Creams, you’ll find some that say the “only active ingredient is progesterone.” That’s a good place to begin.

Here’s a wonderful article by Dr. Lee, Getting Pregnant and Staying Pregnant.

The website Baby Hopes is a good source of natural pregnancy and baby products.

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