Bisphosphonates: Bone Strengtheners or Bone Hardeners?

Bisphosphonates are now the most widely marketed and prescribed patented, FDA-approved anti-osteoporosis drugs. Bisphosphonates mimic, to some extent, the effects of estrogen on bone in that they work by inhibiting bone resorption [the process by which old bone is removed to make room for new bone]. However, like estrogen, these drugs have no ability to build new bone.

Pain Killers May Be Banned

I am stressed out that I may not be able to get my pain medication, Vicodin. I’ve taken it for years, following a work accident. I’m not addicted. I really have pain but the pharmacist told me that it’s going off the market. Please tell me he’s wrong. I can’t live without it. …

Buyer Be Aware of Non-prescription Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Products

… For the rest of us who can’t afford real HGH, there are dozens if not hundreds of pseudo-HGH treatments, none of which have been shown to have the benefits of real HGH. They are marketed under names such as pro-HGH, homeopathic HGH, HGH enhancers, secretagogues and releasers.This is code for: “there’s no actual HGH in this product,” but you would never know that from the advertising and marketing.