A different view on fevers

We have a mindset that says it’s bad to have an illness, and that health is the absence of illness. This isn’t always true. Fever is the healing flame, the great cleanser of the body, and a critical part of developing a child’s immune system.

How I Harmonized Hormone Havoc

How I Harmonized Hormone Havoc

As I approached 50, a whole foods diet, regular exercise and meditation had been part of my daily routine for decades. My fine-boned, 5’2″ frame hadn’t varied much from 100 lbs since my late 20s when I began my studies in natural healing. Every 7 to 8 years I would come down with a virus, […]

Wash Your Mouth Out – It Prevents Heart Disease

Dear Pharmacist, Heart disease runs in my family so naturally, I’m worried. A friend told me that brushing your teeth can prevent heart disease. I was polite, but I don’t believe him. Can this be true? –K.M., Sanibel, Florida Answer:  You’re friend is right so how important is oral hygiene? In a word, very. In […]

Libido Reboot Tips from Dr. Jennifer Landa

Valentine’s Day may not be a holiday to look forward to if the sexy has gone out of your relationship. Millions of Americans suffer from low libido as the stresses of work, raising children and aging take their toll on sex drive. I’d like to share a few ways that a Libido Reboot can help rekindle some of the passion that you may have lost over the years.

The Connection between Language and Pain – Part Two

Pain, for better and worse, is part of our biological systems. Like the red warning light on the car’s dash, it indicates structural or functional disruption. It is an invaluable system and without it we would be continually injuring ourselves. Sadly, in chronic pain, the warning system doesn’t shut down properly and it cannot be easily disconnected or overruled.

Hormones and Breast Cancer: The Latest Findings from WHI

“Experts” who are saying that synthetic progestins increase breast cancer risk are right, but, we’ve known that since 2002. Unfortunately, these same “experts” are now claiming an association of natural progesterone with breast cancer by default. They espouse that there is no clinical evidence to show natural progesterone is any safer than synthetic progestins. Unfortunately, this is an incorrect assumption and they have not done their homework.

When Seniors Are Over-Medicated

The problem of elderly people taking too many medications is not new, but continues to pose a serious risk to health as well as contribute significantly to rising Medicare costs. The fact is that nearly 20% of adults aged 65 years and older who are not hospitalized take 10 or more medications daily. This number is not the result of shoddy care, but rather achieved when doctors simply follow practice guidelines for several common, co-existing conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and depression, for example.

Bisphosphonates: Bone Strengtheners or Bone Hardeners?

Bisphosphonates are now the most widely marketed and prescribed patented, FDA-approved anti-osteoporosis drugs. Bisphosphonates mimic, to some extent, the effects of estrogen on bone in that they work by inhibiting bone resorption [the process by which old bone is removed to make room for new bone]. However, like estrogen, these drugs have no ability to build new bone.