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Virginia Hopkins Test Kits® has articles by Virginia Hopkins, John Lee MD and others, about how to use bioidentical hormones, hormone balance for women and men, hormone testing, nutrition, natural alternatives to prescription drugs, updates and warnings about prescription drugs, fatigue and the adrenals, and much more. The Virginia Hopkins Health Watch content can be […]

Take the Hormone Balance Test

Take the Test for Your Personal Hormone Profile The Hormone Balance Test is a wonderfully easy and useful tool for helping you decide, based on your symptoms, which of your hormones may be out of balance. At the end of the test you'll find recommendations for next steps. Hormone Balance Test for Women Hormone Balance […]

Getting Off HRT

Questions and Answers About Getting Off HRT and Onto Natural Hormones What You Need to Know About Starting Bioidentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) How to have balanced hormones, and relief from menopausal symptoms, without using conventional HRT! by John R. Lee and Virginia Hopkins The Women s Health Initiative (WHI) study was canceled because of a […]

Introduction to Dr. John Lee

Dr. John Lee was my great friend, mentor, co-author and business partner. This website is dedicated to continuing the work that Dr. Lee and I did together to educate and inform women and men about natural hormones, hormone balance and achieving optimal health. Dr. John Lee was a courageous pioneer who changed the face of […]

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