Shift Work and Melatonin Supplements

Taking Melatonin and Sleeping in a Dark Room Can Help You Get Your ZZZZs Q: I work a 12-hour rotational shift. I don't have a problem falling asleep, but when I sleep days I only sleep for four hours. I am 60 years old and feel that I am aging fast. Would taking melatonin help […]

Hiatal Hernia Relief Maneuver

HEALTH WATCH QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Slow Recovery from a Stomach Bug—Is it a Hiatal Hernia? Q: I recently had a nasty 24-hour stomach bug and although the worst of it has been over for a week, I’m still really tired and have a sour stomach and terrible heartburn. I’m living on Pepto Bismol and Pepcid. […]

Vaginal Dryness and Hormones

HOPKINS HEALTH WATCH Q&A Bioidentical Hormones in Normal Doses Can Bring Relief Q: Thanks for keeping me in the loop with the Health Watch, which I always find most interesting. Can you please advise me about vaginal skin atrophy? It doesn't matter whether I use natural progesterone or estradiol cream, both of which help in […]

Bioidentical Hormone FAQs

What is a Bioidentical Hormone? Hormones are called bioidentical or natural if they are exact duplicates of what your body makes. The molecular structure of a bioidentical hormone is identical to that of the hormones made by your body. This is an important distinction because the hormones often prescribed by doctors are not bioidentical; in […]

Natural Progesterone – An Introduction

What is Natural Progesterone? Natural progesterone is a hormone normally produced by a woman’s ovaries around the middle of her menstrual cycle, or during the luteal phase. Progesterone is also made in small amounts in other parts of the body such as the adrenal glands and the nervous system. Natural Progesterone = Bioidentical Progesterone Natural […]

Does MRSA Bacteria in Pigs Endanger Pork Chops?

It may be time to stop bringing home the bacon. The potentially deadly methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria most frequently infects and kills people in hospitals. A different strain can take down teens who frequent locker rooms. Now a strain of MRSA has been found in pigs and pork chops, and may be finding its […]

Buyer Be Aware: An Aspirin a Day – Not So Fast!

Aspirin Research May Amount to a Conclusion in Search of a Study Here’s an understatement: research on the benefits of aspirin for women is mixed. One large study after another about women and aspirin has been published, each with a slightly different conflicting conclusion. Most of the research is about heart disease. Here are a […]

Red Meat is Not the Villain

Huge new AARP and NIH study lurches away from the truth about red meat. The Research: National Institutes of Health–AARP Diet and Health Study, March 23, 2009, Archives of Internal Medicine. The Claim: Eating red meat increases the risk of dying. We’ve heard it a hundred times before—eating red meat increases the risk of dying […]

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